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We can all see that cloud, big data & analytics, mobile, and social are becoming more and more important to businesses, but certain companies are using these transformative technologies to truly thrive and stay ahead of the pack! If you are like me, I’m sure that you are curious about the secret ingredients that make […]


I was fascinated by an article I just read about the impacts of colors on your mood. In particular, the article had strong insight into the color green on your creativity. Lately, several companies have been asking me how to inspire their team’s creativity especially for digital content. As companies become more social, organizations are […]


Internet of Things – Part 2 – Where should you focus? A Vblog

July 28, 2014

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TGIF: Rosie powers through to win SmartCamp Cambridge with mobile and predictive!

July 25, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce that Rosie is the winner of the SmartCamp Cambridge event! Rosie is a leading SaaS provider of predictive online and mobile shopping applications to local merchants. Their solution is aimed at improving the grocery store shopping experience by predicting the grocery items shoppers need before they run out, at the lowest […]

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VacantBoards uses Big Data and Analytics for the SmartCamp Lagos win!

July 24, 2014

Imagine a company that uses big data and analytic software to capture data on the flow of traffic to determine the value of advertising on billboards. A solution like that could help small businesses, as well as enterprise-level businesses, maximize their advertising dollars when selecting the right billboard. You don’t have to imagine that company, […]

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A New Video Blog Series on Internet of Things!

July 21, 2014

Today we start a full video coffee blog series on internet of things. Filed under: IBM, Internet of Things, IoT, social marketing, social media Tagged: IBM, internet of things, IoT, socbiz, social business

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Heading to BlogHer ’14 next week? Why Blogging is a gateway drug!

July 18, 2014

Originally posted on WordPress.com News:BlogHer 2014, the 10th anniversary celebration of the popular women’s blogging network, kicks off next Thursday, July 24th in San Jose, California. There’s still time to register, and we hope you do — we’ll be there, too! This year, along with a Happiness Bar offering in-person support for your WordPress sites,…

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Apple-IBM: Infographic of Announcements!

July 17, 2014

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Breaking down the Apple – IBM Announcement for our Ecosystem and Developers!

July 15, 2014

We have been getting a lot of positive response to the announcement around Apple and IBM. What did we announce? An exclusive partnership that teams the market-leading strengths of each company to transform enterprise mobility through a new class of business apps—bringing IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone® and iPad®. Crucial for Developers […]

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Internet of Things – Monday Coffee Break Video!

July 14, 2014

The internet of things is growing in importance, especially in a set of industries! Today’s Coffee Break focuses on the Internet of things!Filed under: IBM, IoT, Marketing 2.0, Social Business, social marketing, social media Tagged: IBM, IoT, socbiz, social business

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